The Be Kind People Project crew performs for students at Watertown Middle School

Published: Oct. 11, 2018 at 7:03 PM CDT
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"The assembly, it was really cool, they told us about being kind to others," said Kate Luken, a student at Watertown Middle School

The Be Kind People Project spreads the message of kindness in a unique way.

"A positive message that's good for one kid is really good for a whole school district so we were able to bring the message to our K-8 students today," said Watertown Middle School Principal Dr. Todd Brist.

Teaching the students that it's cool to be kind.

"They told us about being kind to others, it was just really interesting," said Luken.

The Be Kind People Project uses dancing, hip hop music, and high energy to relate to kids in a way they feel comfortable.

"We take the message of being kind, and what it looks like, what it sounds like, what it feels like, and we put it in a way where the students can connect to it," said Ivory Myers, a Be Kind Crew Leader.

Ivory Myers heard about the project in 2011 and couldn't wait to get involved.

"Being a part of the Be Kind Crew means making an impact, just inspiring them, encouraging them and empowering them to be a voice," Myers said.

"It was really engaging, it was something that hasn't been seen before in our school," said Riley Zebroski, a student at Watertown Middle School.

School leaders waited two years to get the Be Kind Crew to Watertown. Teachers and staff say it was worth the wait. Student can't wait for them to come back.

"The positive aspect and the importance of the cyber skills, those are the two big things that I wanted to share," Brist said.

"It was something that I look forward to watching again," Zebroski said.

The crew will be in South Dakota until tomorrow before heading back home to Arizona for a few days, then they will be back on the road again to Louisiana.