The Canton Barn L.L.C adjusts to COVID-19 postponing and cancelling weddings/events

CANTON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - A wedding is an event that many people look forward to their entire lives, and plan for many years.

The Canton Barn was supposed to be home to around 10 weddings this Spring, all of which have gotten postponed or even cancelled.

Kalli Blackstone, Owner of The Canton Barn said, “Our plans are really just on hold.”

Kalli and Tim Blackstone are the Owners of The Canton Barn and in result of COVID-19, nine weddings have been postponed this Spring with one being cancelled.

With most of those weddings now looking to take place in 2021, having that conversation with the couples isn’t always easy.

Kalli Blackstone said, “It’s really a hard conversation to have because we don’t have any answers. We are strongly encouraging people, if they have their weddings in April and May, to try and postpone them and find an alternative date.”

The Blackstone’s don’t have any answers for the month on June at this time, but know how hard it is to plan a wedding and are trying to work with the couples as much as possible.

Tim Blackstone said, “We are just trying to be as accommodating as we can and trying to meet their needs. We’re willing to work with them any way we can, but obviously it’s not an easy decision.”

Kalli Blackstone added, “It’s heartbreaking just to know what these couples are going through. It’s the biggest day of someone’s life and their plans have been put on hold and they are stressing out, so we are doing what we can to work with them and help them in every way that we can.”

The Canton Barn is home to about 20 part-time employees.

The Barn’s busy season is just starting and with this global pandemic, it makes it hard to run a small business with customers having to postpone.

“We’re just going into our busy season and with the Barn, a ton of events in April on, unfortunately the money’s not coming in and the bills don’t stop,” said Kalli Blackstone.

Even with the struggles, the owners are still doing what they can to give back.

During this difficult time, The Canton Barn has pre-purchased 100 meals at the Pizza Ranch location in Canton for kids who may be struggling to eat while not being in school.