The Journey Home shelter open for the cold nights

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The Journey Home Emergency Shelter provides people with a place to stay for one night. The frigid cold temperatures qualifies as an emergency situation.

Blustery, cold wind makes it hard for people living in the Hub City.

"Today I plan on staying inside for the rest of the day," said Jim Antinitis, a resident at The Journey Home.

Spending long periods of time in the -30 degree wind chill the city has experienced today can be dangerous.

Finding a warm place to stay is a problem some people in Aberdeen are facing.

"What we have is a two bedroom apartment that people can come and stay at in order to get out of the freezing cold," said Devin Hebeisen, the Director of The Journey Home.

Jim Antinitis is staying at 'The Journey Home' shelter. Temporarily receiving help from the organization.

"They have been very helpful in more ways than one," Antinitis said.

'The Journey Home' is trying to fill one more staff position, just in case the cold weather continues, they can help people all hours of the night.

"We've had people go to the police station and say 'I don't have a place to stay tonight and it's too cold,' and the police will bring them over here," Hebeisen said.