South Dakota Advantage provides out-of-state students with in-state tuition

Published: Dec. 6, 2018 at 6:49 PM CST
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New college Freshman and transfer students from Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, North Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa will soon be eligible for in-state tuition in South Dakota.

"The South Dakota Advantage is a program passed by the Board of Regents here this week," said Justin Fraase, director of communications at NSU.

A program that students like Northern State University freshman Kristen Collingwood, who is from Wyoming, wish they were eligible for this year.

"I would most likely like to take advantage of that because cost is problem for everyone that comes to college. I don't get a lot of Federal aid so coming to school here is kind of expensive for me so getting in state tuition would be awesome," said Kristen Collingwood, freshman at NSU.

Although she ultimately chose NSU, the South Dakota Advantage Program would have left no debate.

"It is a big factor in where I decided to come to school and if I were to take advantage of that it would make my decision to come to Northern so much quicker and easier," she said.

But she does plan on letting her friends still attending high school know about the program.

"I have a lot of friends that are graduating this year that are being recruited for different sports and I'll be like 'Hey Northern has got in-state tuition for Wyoming kids now so come check us out,'" Collingwood said.

For Northern State University and other colleges across the state that is very exciting.

"We think that this program gives us an advantage to get even more students here to our community and into our region," said Fraase.

The board of regents will meet again in April. That is when they set tuition rates for the coming year.