The city of Pierre prepares for first snow of the season

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PIERRE, S.D. (KSFY) - The Capital City is one of many communities across the central part of the state preparing for this winter storm.

More than ten blades will hit the ground running during the winter storm. The city of Pierre has a fleet made up of several plows, sanders, and loaders that will be used to tackle the snow.

According to Brad Palmer, the Pierre utilities director, the city does not usually see snow this early, but the city is ready.

"It always is, you know, usually come mid-November, mid-December we start looking for where is our equipment at and start rounding it up," Palmer said.

The roads and streets may be wet, but soon the city of Pierre could be seeing their first snowfall of the year. The city has been working fast to finish up construction projects before the flakes fly.

"So, the guys and gals have spent the last two days getting the equipment in, getting the plows mounted, and just getting everything ready to go," Palmer said.

The street department has already set up an action plan to keep the streets clear. Palmer says for this snowstorm; they feel a lot of the early snow is going to melt off the roads. But, what will be left is a wet, heavy slush that they will control if necessary.

Lynn's Dakotamart's parking lot was full, as many in the area grabbed some last-minute items before the storm. Layne Larson lives north of Vivian and says it's normal for her to grab a feel extra items when in town, but says it's essential to do so in case of snow, as well.

Some in the community are ready for the winter weather, but some are not as excited.

"I am not," Larson said. "My little boy is, he is not here. But, we're used to it living in South Dakota."

Palmer says that the city of Pierre will not issue snow alerts for this particular snowstorm. But, the city does have a new alert system that will text, e-mail, or call you if a snow alert is issued.

You can find a link to sign up for those alerts in the related links tab on the side of this page.