The community of Madison sees extensive flooding

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MADISON, S.D. (KSFY) - A city in Eastern South Dakota is seeing an extensive amount of flooding.

Madison's Memorial Creek that runs through the city is now causing damage to homeowners and businesses.

Many homeowners saw two to three feet of water in their basements. And for some, it was close to flooding their first floor.

Dawn Foster and her daughter Megan live in a home that has been in the Foster family for generations. Dawn got home last night at 3:00 AM, she had trouble getting to her house because several roads leading to her home were blocked off due to water.

"What I thought was the shower running, was not the shower running, but water rushing into the basement," Dawn said.

The water rose quickly, filling their basement in 20 minutes.

Madison and Wentworth fire crews were out by boat, truck, and payloader evacuating those stuck in their homes due to waist-high water. The American Red Cross has set up a center in downtown at the armory.

Mark Eisenbraun rents a home in Madison for college. He's been running his sump pump since March. Once the power went out last night, due to the storms, the water rose quickly. Right now, Eisenbraun's basement is filled with two feet of water.

"I've had issues with water all year long," Eisenbraun said. "It's flooded before, but never this quickly it was a lot more than I've seen."

But, as fast as the creek overflowed, so was the community response.

"I was heartfelt when I saw the Wentworth truck, like, wow there are people coming from other towns here to help," Megan Foster, said.

The last time Memorial Creek was up this high was back in 1993.

The city of Madison is also asking residents to watch their water usage due to the treatment plants filling up.