The number of robocalls is on the rise across the nation

Published: May. 10, 2018 at 7:06 PM CDT
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Robocalls are hitting a record high across the nation. More than 2 billion calls made last month alone.

These scammers are now spoofing numbers; the calls look like they are coming from the IRS, FBI, even your bank. And the technology has made it more difficult to stop them.

Attorney General Marty Jackley says that South Dakotans are not just being inconvenienced or annoyed by these calls, you could be losing personal information, as well. Many calls say press one for more details, but that is just to see if someone is there.

"By pushing one that's activating certain things that are ultimately designed to take away information from South Dakotans," he said.

Jessie Schmidt, Better Business Bureau South Dakota state director, says that the increase seems to happen around tax time. She says that there are ways to protect yourself. From using an app to block callers to just letting the call go to voicemail.

Our best advice to you is to hang up the telephone; you may think you can outwit them," she said. "What they do then sell your phone number to somebody else and somebody else."

State lawmakers are working on legislation to stop these callers, but with technology always evolving it makes things difficult.

"It's a constantly revolving thread because there are so many ways in which can fraudulently get ahold and scare them into offering up personal information," Sen. John Thune said. "In some cases getting access to their resources, to their money."

If you are receiving these calls and want to report, them go to



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