Tim Bjorkman ready to support Dusty Johnson after losing in U.S. House Race

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - Democrat Tim Bjorkman lost to Republican Dusty Johnson by only gaining 36% of the votes in the race for South Dakota's lone seat in the United States House of Representatives. In his speech last night at The District in Sioux Falls, he said he called Johnson to bless him and his family. He said he's ready to support the newly elected candidate.

Bjorkman wants to make sure everyone is represented in Washington though.

"Every one of us knows in our hearts that America works best when it works for all of us," Bjorkman said. "And this nation's government works best when it works together."

He said the reason he ran in this election is because it was about values. Bjorkman believed this was the first election in his lifetime that wasn't about politics, it was about the issues.