Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Ashley Anderson of Brookings

Tonight's Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week is Ashley Anderson, a senior at Brookings High School with a 4.05 grade point average.

Ashley works hard in both A-P and dual credit classes and is very active as a member of the National Honor Society.

When you talk with Ashley Anderson about how she approaches her work at school her answer is quick and to the point. "I like to learn and then I like to make sure that I learned it correctly and that I know it."

It may seem like a simple answer but it has required years of 'nose to the grindstone' work and time management to make sure she meets each of her academic responsibilities. As she reaches the end of her high school career she tells us it has all been worth it. "Boosted my confidence a little bit and made it feel like all that hard work and missing out on some things was worth it."

"Ashely is a phenomenal student and athlete and individual. She is just an overall really excellent person." Amanda Neville-Coble is a school counselor at Brookings High School and tells us she has no doubt whatsoever that whatever Ashely does next she will make it a success. "We know that she is going to go do wonderful things. We're really excited to see what she does in her future and we know that she will carry that on to other individuals outside of us."

What comes next in the short term is Ashley attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in the fall. "I'm gonna study Biology and I might want to be a doctor and they had really good acceptance rate into medical school."

It sounds like Ashley will have her hands full with that kind of coursework ahead of her but she says she'll be just fine. "I feel like I am pretty independent right now. I manage my own time. I don't have to have my parents on my back all the time. It's usually me putting pressure on myself."

For being named our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, Ashley receives a $100 scholarship from Sioux Valley Energy which is a local Touchstone Energy cooperative.