Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Ashlin DeBoer

Published: Nov. 25, 2019 at 10:11 AM CST
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Ashlin DeBoer has a 4.25 GPA. Her teachers said she's reliable and a fun student to have in the classroom. The teacher for the computer and business classes at Corsica-Stickney High School, Mike Tuschen, said DeBoer is a role model for other students.

"I think from my perspective, the staff is kind of honored to have a student like Ashlin DeBoer because she's just going to give you 100%," Tuschen said.

DeBoer said the teachers have given that full effort right back.

"There's so many teachers that take the time to really get to know you, and they really personalize your education and experience. They want you to do your best," DeBoer said.

Since she puts in so much effort, her teachers say they enjoy working with her.

"She's exciting. She's willing to go the extra. She's willing to help and when somebody can give you that, plus the productivity that you see as the results of A+ work and top shelf, that's kind of what describes Ashlin DeBoer," Tuschen said.

She's taking dual credit courses while being involved in various activities like sports, National Honor Society, yearbook, and band.

"I'll probably miss volleyball the most. It was a really fun experience. I'll never forget it," she said.

Her favorite classes are chemistry and physics. She wants to go into environmental sciences after high school.

"The avenue that she chooses, I just see nothing but success written all over it," Tuschen said.

She's not sure yet where she wants to go to college.

For being named our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, she receives a $250 scholarship from Douglas Electric Cooperative, which is a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.