Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Lauren Rhodes

Published: Nov. 4, 2019 at 11:36 AM CST
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Lauren Rhodes has some big aspirations.

"I'm applying to most of the UC schools like UCLA, UC San Diego. I'm applying to Stanford University and then over on the east coast, I'm applying to Barnard and Harvard," she said.

One of her teachers believes she will be an asset wherever she goes.

"She is going to bring an incredible energy and intelligence and light to whatever university she ends up at and whatever career path that she takes," Terra McQuillen said, who is a language arts teacher at Aberdeen Central High School.

One of Lauren's favorite classes is AP Literature with Mrs. McQuillen.

"Because she has such a unique teaching style, where it's more like she allows you to experiment," Rhodes said. "But you're also learning at the same time. Like she says that you're learning but you don't even notice it."

Rhodes has taken all seven AP courses Aberdeen Central High School offers.

"Lauren is an awesome student to have in class because she's incredibly passionate about her learning. She spends her time over the summers going to really cool learning experiences across the country, and she brings that passion and learning into class," McQuillen said.

AP classes aren't enough for her though. She's involved in Model UN, the speech and debate team and the LGBT club, which she said she takes the most pride in.

"I get to help these kids who maybe don't have an area that they can feel safe in outside of school," Rhodes said. "So I feel like making that little bubble for them and making them feel accepted and safe and welcome and loved is something that's really important for them to know."

Rhodes hopes to study biology after high school and go on to be an orthopedic surgeon.

For being named our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, she receives a $250 scholarship from Northern Electric Cooperative, which is a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.