Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week: Reyna Beck

Published: Dec. 16, 2019 at 8:16 AM CST
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Reyna Beck is a senior at De Smet High School, where she's involved in multiple sports, band, and student council. She said her time at school went by fast, but she's grateful for what she learned.

"In smaller schools, you definitely get a bigger benefit because you're always with the teachers. They know you. They know what you're doing. They understand," she said.

One of her teachers, Sheila Schmidt, said Beck has made quite the impression.

"She's got that drive that makes her just stand out as a leader in and out of school. She's always got a smile on her face, and she just has that personality of you want to be around her," Schmidt said.

Schmidt said Beck motivates others while serving as a role model.

"She's self motivated, and she just has that personality of a go-getter and just stands out as a leader here at the school," Schmidt said.

"I've just decided you need to be a good friend to the underclassmen too so that you can be a good leader," Beck said.

Her time in school hasn't been easy though. She's had to work hard to get to where she's at.

"There's never enough time. You always have to wake up- I always wake up an hour early before school starts, maybe two just to get homework done or study for tests," Beck said.

It's preparing her for what's next in life, which she hasn't decided exactly what that is yet. She's thinking about pursuing a career in the medical field possibly as a dental hygienist or nurse. For now though, she's just enjoying her time left in high school with her friends.

For being named a Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, Beck receives a $250 scholarship from Kingsbury Electric Cooperative, which is a local Touchstone Energy Cooperative.