Touchstone Scholar of the Week: John Bowar

FAULKTON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - From the classroom to the court, to the kitchen, our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week can get it done.

John Bowar is carrying on the family name in Faulkton, which has been a great place to grow up.

"I really enjoy Faulkton, part of it is just like it's small but like it's not so small that you don't have stuff like we have options but it's small enough that you know everybody, everybody knows you,” says John.

“John Bower comes from a line of Bowers, he's the second youngest of five brothers, I've had the opportunity to teach all of them, all very top-notch kids,” says Principal Craig Cassens.

John is a 4.0 student who also takes part in drama, band, along with football and basketball working hard at everything he does.

"I mean it was hard but once you get started at it and you put the work in at the beginning then your like ‘I already did all the work I might as well continue’ and then you already have the habits and the work ethic so you just keep going,” says John.

"He’s very approachable, underclassman have no problem coming to him and he treats them with the utmost respect,” says Principal Cassens.

While Bowar hasn't made a set decision on a college yet he's leaning on being a coyote.

“My plan currently is I’ll probably go to USD for some form of business. I want to have something to do with people because I don't think I could have a desk job, that's just me doing the same thing every day. I think I'd get really bored with that,” says John.

John will be a success in whatever the future holds...and that includes using is culinary skills...

"One of his hobbies is baking, the guy can make you wouldn't believe it cupcakes, pastries, just to die for. So he's very well rounded, not just the studies, the athletics, and the drama, but boy you put him in the kitchen, he can put together a pretty good dish,” says Principal Cassens.

For being named our Touchstone Energy Scholar of the Week, John receives a $250 scholarship from FEM Electric Association.