Travel concerns about heading to Mexico this winter

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - Nine American citizens, including six children, were gunned down in northern Mexico and killed. The suspects are believed to be members of a Mexican drug cartel.

Since the attacks, it has caused some people wanting to travel to Mexico to worry. But, travel agents say they still see a rise in people wanting to vacation to the country.

Two Sioux Falls travel companies, Up and Away Travels and All About Travel, work hard to book vacations for their clients. With the recent attacks, some clients are starting to feel uneasy about traveling across the border. But, both agencies say, tourists don't have to worry.

"I've had a few questions on it," Lorie Buus, All About Travel Travel Consultant, said. "Where that took place is nowhere near where people vacation. There's places I don't care where you go in the world; there's places that we do not belong. And that could very well be one of the spots that we should stay away from."

Two Sioux Falls tourists felt safe and still do after their last trip to Mexico and say situations like this don't stop them from experiencing the beach again.

"The first time we went there was all these shootings, and everybody was trying to talk us out of going," Kathy Lambert, traveled to Mexico, said. "And once I got my husband down there the first time, it's been book it every year."

This will be Lambert's fourth time going to Mexico and says they've never had any concerns.

"I mean, you see police officers all over the place; you see them at check stops," she said. "We've walked down the middle of Cancun during the day and at night, and I never felt threatened."

"I have a company that will pick them up at the airport, they'll know who the company is all the way down to the color shirt their wearing, emergency phone numbers," Melissa Sutton, Up and Away Travels co-owner, said.

Lori Visker booked her second trip to Mexico just this morning, and her advice for those looking to visit the area is simple.

"I would say definitely use a travel agent just because they will kind of steer you as to what the different types of resorts you may be looking for," she said.

"Whether it's Mexico or Jamaica or Punta Cana," Buus said. "I mean, we've had our trouble with all of those destinations. It's really no different, and my advice there it's no different than certain areas of Sioux Falls."

Travel agencies recommend if you do go to Mexico to stay near the resort and talk with locals about safe places to visit.