Tre Ministries opens new location

Published: Nov. 16, 2019 at 9:57 PM CST
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Tre Ministries has a brand new location that opened Tuesday right outside downtown Sioux Falls. You may remember it as Tre Lounge when it opened a year ago.

It’s a place that was created to unlock the potential in the youth and young adults spiritually, physically, and socially. Owner, Sandy Berven got the idea when she would see students out at local coffee shops and grew connections with them.

That's when she created a place of her own to help those in the community find their path.

It started out as Tre Lounge and then turned into something bigger. A dream Sandy Berven dreamt about years ago, but now she can't keep the kids away.

"Tre Lounge was kind of like an eatery, a place people go just to eat, hangout. I went there a few times growing up and then when I heard it was changing to Tre Ministries I thought it was awesome," College student, Jack Van Veldhuizen said.

Three years ago Berven was at Black Sheep Coffee sitting with ministry leaders at a table. They asked her if you could do anything in Sioux Falls what would it be.

"I told them that I would love to work with all of you, no agendas, just do ministry together for high school, college-aged young adults and I wanted it in this building," Berven said.

A building she's waited for since the idea of Tre was formed. A place to worship, be free and be yourself.

"All coming together to be one and the same and just be accepting of each other is just a really cool scene," Veldhuizen said.

"One year later here we are still one big giant family and it's just growing every day," College student, Keanu Phumipraphat said.

Students say the atmosphere is better than studying on campus.

"I’d even come on a regular Tuesday just to study," Phumipraphat said.

And there's always someone to look forward to seeing or a quiet place to relax without all the pressure.

"We’re like hey do you guys know about Tre, do you know this event, do you guys want to go study with me at Tre," College student, Samantha Peterson said.

A home away from home that shows you love Monday through Sunday.

"Sandy’s a mom to everybody that walks in through the doors. She’ll give you a hug no matter what's going on," Veldhuizen said.

"I think it's awesome that someone is brave enough to step up and create a location that is this for all our youth," Peterson said.

"To see that it's touched young adults the way that it has it just makes you try harder," Berven said.

Berven says everyone is called to do something and she believes the sooner you can find out what that is the more you can enjoy your life.

Tre Ministries is currently open to the public.

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