Utah man says stranger broke in to pet his dogs, made herself at home

NORTH SALT LAKE, Utah (KSTU/CNN) - A Utah man says he came back to his apartment after a long night to find an intruder lounging on his couch, drinking his beer and petting his dogs.

Victim Ryan Spurlock says the woman drank his beer, wore his new clothes and claimed she lived in his apartment. (Source: Ryan Spurlock/KSTU/Tribune/CNN)

Ryan Spurlock opened his apartment door early Wednesday morning and saw a stranger when he looked to the island in the kitchen.

"I walked straight in, and she was standing right here on the counter, just looking at me,” Spurlock said. "I was looking right at her, and a homeless girl was just staring right at me. It felt like a dream, honestly.”

Spurlock says the woman had placed her shoes neatly by the door and made herself at home.

“She went in my fridge, opened a drink and drank it. She sat on my couch. She told me she lives here. I said, ‘No, you don’t. This is my place.’”

The intruder was even allegedly wearing his new clothes.

Spurlock says the situation was confusing, and he didn’t know what to do so he offered her some food and began questioning her.

"'What are you doing? Where are you from?' She wouldn’t tell me her name. She started laughing, and I thought she was on drugs,” he said.

Spurlock learned the intruder allegedly entered the apartment because she heard his two dogs and wanted to pet them. At one point, she even claimed she was their owner.

Then, the encounter with the woman got even stranger.

“She asked if she could stay, and I told her, ‘No, you’ve got to leave, or I’m going to call the police,’” Spurlock said.

At that point, the intruder left, but she didn’t use the front door and Spurlock doesn’t live on the first floor.

"She just climbed right up here, and she just jumped from [the balcony]. She started limping off, and then she was fine and started running. I called the cops and chased after her,” Spurlock said.

Once the woman was in police custody, officers found another man’s wallet in her possession.

Spurlock says he doesn’t know how she got into his apartment.

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