Vermillion boy making miraculous recovery following serious head injury

Published: Sep. 12, 2018 at 9:45 PM CDT
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His parents say they are amazed he is alive.

About three weeks ago an eight-year-old Vermillion boy was involved in a horrible accident that left him with a very severe injury.

His recovery has been nothing short of miraculous.

This is one of those stories that drives the point home that there are times when life is just unfair.

Elizabeth Phillips is Jonathan's mother. "He shouldn't be here, and they told us at the hospital to say good-bye."

Charles Phillips is Jonathan's father. "My job as a father is to protect -- it's always -- and I feel like I couldn't protect him from this."

Three weeks ago, Jonathan was doing some volunteer work, giving of himself to help someone else.

"He was on an ATV, a four wheeler, there was an accident where he was thrown from the four wheeler he did fall, he ended up hitting his head which caused a traumatic brain injury."

Early on it did not look good. At all. But then something happened that Charles and Elizabeth can not explain. Jonathan got better. A lot better.

Jonathan says, "Hey you're messing with my brakes!" Good enough to already fight with his sister.

His rehab at LifeScape couldn't be going better: He's riding a bike and walking on stairs and doing some speech work.

All of it at a rate his parents and doctors say is amazing.

Charles Phillips tells us, "He's got a road ahead of him but with as well as he's doing it's....the prognosis is very good."

And Wednesday -- a surprise Jonathan wasn't expecting.

Gifts from Disney as part of the company's "Team of Heroes Hospital Care Package" program.

Jonathan got a book, two toys and a movie.

Jessica Wells is with the LifeScape Foundation. "Bringing a little bit of that magic into a day that may be kind of tough. And Disney makes it better."

After Jonathan was released from the hospital for his initial treatment, he was told to go to an intensive rehab center where he might have work for weeks, if not months.

He completed his work in just four days.