November is Model Train Month, Vermillion man shares his passion for trains

A Vermillion collector has a lot of fun with his model train layouts, from Dudley Do-Right saving the day, to Jesse James jumping Devil's Gulch, the details are one of a kind.

Dwight Berglin has quite the collection, he has been working on this layout for more than 40 years.

"Over the years I have learned more about electricity than I thought I would ever know," Berglin said.

His parents got him his first model train engine nearly 70 years ago, and he still has it. It sits in his basement today.

"That was my first set. It was American Flyer. It had an engine and a coal car and about seven cars I believe," he said.

It wasn't until a bit later that he really got into collecting.

"It kinda sat in a box for many years. I went to a rummage sale one time, and I saw an American Flyer in a box, and I bought it for like 5 dollars. I saw it, and I thought maybe there are more," he said.

There were more indeed.

"Over the years I have collected 140 engines and about 400 railroad cars and about 35 moving accessories," he said.

They are collector's items. If you check out his layout in Vermillion, you will find some of the most unique train accessories. He has been working on his display for 40 years.

"American Flyer started in the 2 rail track in 1938 and they went bankrupt in 1966, so most of this stuff is 75 to 90 years old," he said.

He still spends a little time looking for more special items.

"I have one person right now that attends a lot of auctions and always sends me pictures, asking if I'm interested," he said.

This past year he has put these trains to use in a second display. It's a carnival theme.

"I have six grandchildren, and when they come we don't play with trains, we run trains," he said.

Each grandkid has his or her own conductor hat.

His hobby is something Berglin says he is happy to share with people. He also says he probably has enough trains.

"I've got enough, although I have a shirt that says, 'you can never have enough trains' but I do have enough. I don't need any more, but don't tell my wife that," he said.

Berglin welcomes visitors to check out his model railroad layouts. For details, email