Veteran groups gather at Disabled American Veterans Convention

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - The Disabled American Veterans Convention was held Friday in Sioux Falls.

The DAV has the most members of any veterans membership services in Sioux Falls. Right now they're working with the Veteran's Administration to try and provide the best possible care for U.S. military veterans. The DAV is asking veterans to speak out to help though.

"We have all these politicians, lobbyist, and everything," said Clarence Kooistra, U.S. Marine Corps veteran. "But when you have the average veterans to speak out, and if you're a disabled veteran I think people listen to you even more so."

Kooistra said they used the DAV Conference to meet with other veteran service groups and state political figures. The primary objective for these organizations is to push some of their main proposals forward, such as the 'caretaker's bill'. It would allow veterans to be cared for in their own homes by relatives instead of in nursing homes.

Governor Kristi Noem spoke at the event and Senator John Thune was also in attendance.