Vicious hit continues resonating with players and fans

Published: Nov. 15, 2019 at 10:42 PM CST
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A raucous crowd in Cleveland, Ohio was witnessing a rarity as the hometown Browns were about to enjoy something that has been a scarcity over the last two decades- a victory over Pittsburgh.

The celebration would be short-lived.

Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph took a hit from defensive end Myles Garrett shortly after dumping a pass off to his running back. Despite the game clearly over, something else had started brewing. A skirmish between the opponents grew into a brawl that resulted in Garrett removing Rudolph's helmet and bashing the quarterback's skull with it.

The video and image shocking fans, coaches, and players across the country.

Former NFL tight end Jake Nordin was one of the millions of people still comprehending what happened.

"It was shocking. I can't say I've seen anything worse than that to tell you the truth," Nordin said. "When you get to this level you have to have that extra step in your brain and your body to control that line."

Another football player was also in disbelief when he saw the carnage. Lincoln High School senior Johnathan Smith plays on the defensive and offensive lines and can relate to the reaction demonstrated by both sides. He does worry about younger kids seeing this in the professional ranks and that they might consider this to be acceptable behavior.

"The way Myles Garrett handled it I don't think is a way that kids are watching the NFL- that's not something you want them emulating."

Three players were suspended and each team was fined $250,000.

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