Racial slurs caught on camera in Sioux Falls, video goes viral

 Screen grab from video
Screen grab from video (KSFY)
Published: Sep. 3, 2019 at 6:47 PM CDT
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A video of a man yelling racial slurs at a group of African-American men in downtown Sioux Falls is going viral on Facebook.

The video shows the man riding a bike and repeatedly yelling racial slurs at the group of three men.

Jymell Nave took the video. His mother, Ashley Lowin, was the one who posted it on Facebook on Sunday.

"This kind of thing happens and it's not okay," Lowin said.

Jymell says he and two of his friends were enjoying downtown when they were blindsided by the verbal attack.

"When we hopped out of the car we heard someone just screaming stuff, racial slurs," Nave said.

The man created an uncomfortable situation for the boys.

"It kind of embarrassed me, kind of embarrassed us, him pointing at us in front of all these people, everyone walking outside and looking at us," one of the victims, Dillion Barrow, said.

The man allegedly said he had a gun, making Jymell's mother fear for her son's safety.

"It was very scary to hear him say he has a firearm, and how close he was riding to the boys, and how agitated he was," Lowin said.

Officer Sam Clemens with the Sioux Falls Police Department says it's important to report these types of incidents.

"Any time someone claims to have a weapon you don't know if that's true or not, so the best thing to do is call police," Clemens said.

Someone doesn't need to have a weapon to make the incident worthy of calling the police.

"If someone is yelling racial slurs they're doing it for a reason, we'd like people to call us and then we can come out and find out what's going on. If laws have been broken then we can make some arrests," Clemens said.

Lowin says this incident was reported the day after it occurred.

Sioux Falls Police say they do have a suspect's name but no arrests have been made.

I’m sharing this because in 2019 my son and his friends are walking Downtown Sioux Falls Please share Thank you everyone who reached out to me, I have a name and a report was made, I’m leaving the video up because I believe this is something people should be aware of and that this is not how humans should act towards eachother, especially our youth

Posted by Ashley Eva Marie on Sunday, September 1, 2019