Voigt sets great example at Avon High School

Published: Mar. 24, 2020 at 1:10 PM CDT
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Cassie Voigt has stayed very busy at Avon High School.

"I've done science fair, I've done volleyball, I've done quiz bowl. I do basketball and football stats, and I also volunteer at the track meets," Cassie said.

And she's compiled a 3.97 grade point average along the way. Cassie contributes some of her success to growing up a small community like Avon.

"I like how that you get like the personal connections with the teachers so it makes it easier to ask questions and they're always there when you need them," Cassie said.

"Cassie is very well deserving of any achievements or scholarships she gets. She has the highest grades. She's successful in anything that she does." science teacher Mel Fathke said.

It won't be long she'll be leaving the small town to go to college at a big school, the University of Nebraska to study forensic science.

"I'm either going to do CSI's crime scene investigation or I'm going to work in a chemical lab," Cassie said.

"When she goes into that work in forensics, she'll be very dedicated and do the job real well," said Fathke

And it will be tough to see her go.

"Truly she will be missed. All the great students that really put a lot of work into it and everything else, we miss them more than anything," Fathke said.

"I'm really sad that I'm going to leave everybody and all the teachers but I think I'm excited for the next step in life. I'm looking forward to it," Cassie said.