Weathering the Storm: Phil Schreck's Cancer Journey

 Dakota News Now Meteorologist Phil Schreck
Dakota News Now Meteorologist Phil Schreck (KSFY)
Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:24 PM CST
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Phil Schreck has been fascinated with weather since he was a kid, bringing him to the sweet spot in his career as a meteorologist at Dakota News Now. He is, however, opening up another part of his life for you to see and it's all for a very important purpose. Phil wants you to book your next annual exam because catching his cancer early was the key to a good outcome.

His doctor said the bloodwork revealed an increasing PSA or prostate-specific antigen level. He remembers the words from his doctor. "Your PSA is up a little bit, so, why don't you go see a urologist, just to be on the safe side.

"But I had no symptoms," Phil said.

The biopsy results came as a surprise. "Out of the 12 samples they took 3 of them had some cancer cells in it."

Although he could have taken a wait and see approach, Phil followed his intuition, to have the cancer cells removed.

"The question is who wants to take that chance. I don't want to take that chance," said Phil.

Phil's wife Kristie understands what it's like to get a call from the doctor and news of cancer.

"She had breast cancer in 2007, and she has cancer in her family, I have cancer in my family and it's like, why mess with it. Just get it out."

Phil supported Kristie and now Kristie is supporting Phil, while the whole family rallies around each other.

"Our kids are handling this amazingly well," said Kristie.

She says the early detection in their own family has reassured their five kids.

"The experiences I had with cancer were not great with cancer but now our kids have seen Mom, Dad, Grandpa, uncles, be diagnosed and were okay," said Kristie.

After a couple of weeks of recovery, he'll be back to fully functioning in every way. Ready to plan for more fun with his family and doing what he loves as a meteorologist.

"Getting back to work. I love my job. I'm one of those people who feel like they've never worked a day in their life really."

Next time you get a reminder to book your exam, remember how early detection has helped Phil and Kristie.

"I don't want it to be about me, I want it to be about everybody else getting their early detection, getting the exams."