Winter snowstorm packs a punch through the Central Plains

Published: Dec. 29, 2019 at 6:33 PM CST
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As this storm continues residents across our region have been shoveling and finding different ways to get around the road closures. Some even taking the time to enjoy the snow.

Some were out in Sioux Falls neighborhoods early Sunday morning shoveling snow and unclogging drains to avoid what's to come in the future.

While the winter snowstorm is packing a punch across the Central Plains it’s leaving many Sioux Falls residents getting a head start on shoveling and removing all of that wet snow.

"There are a lot of folks just out here trying to get the wet snow out so the water has somewhere to go before it freezes," Sioux Falls resident, Rich Siegmann said.

All of that before two to four more inches of snow is projected to fall in Sioux Falls. Siegmann was out for the majority of the morning hours clearing his sidewalks and street curbs concerned about spring flooding.

"Oh, I’m just a big drainage and water freak. I have a basement now that doesn't have a walkout so I just keep the gutters clear, keep the sidewalks clear and keep the water moving," Siegmann said.

Others taking the day to enjoy the snow since Sioux Falls didn't see a white Christmas this year.

"I think we just wanted to enjoy this fun snow. With Christmas coming around and stuff it was just like bittersweet that it wasn't snowing, but in these next couple of days it's going to be fun weather," Sioux Falls visitor, Aislinn Hernandez said.

The Hernandez family spent Sunday afternoon at Falls Park awing at its wintertime beauty, but they say it's not always something they're happy about seeing.

"When it's for photos and stuff yes but like driving no," Hernandez said.

Street crews have been clearing the snow from the roads since 1:30 Sunday morning giving cars an easier path to their final destination.

"Just part of living in Sioux Falls it's like you're already prepared for the worst that might happen with negative 60 weather. So this happening isn't really that terrible," Hernandez said.

As the snow continues to move through the street department does anticipate a snow alert being issued sometime Monday. We'll keep you updated when that happens.