Woman brings 'Silly Walk' to Sioux Falls

Published: May. 21, 2020 at 11:33 PM CDT
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For those in need of some light hearted news, a Sioux Falls resident thought of a clever way to lift people's spirits in her neighborhood.

She’s bringing back a classic comedy and some "silly walks."

If you know of Monty Python, then you'll probably remember the classic "Ministry of Silly Walks" skit.

Jill Johnson of Sioux Falls thought she'd use that to spread some much needed joy in her area.

“It reminds me to laugh and lighten up, just have some levity in my life,” said Johnson.

After seeing a Facebook post of someone creating a silly walk sidewalk, Jill Johnson thought she’d bring the trend to Sioux Falls.

“And I’m like hey I’m bored and depressed, we need a silly walk," she added, "So, I’m a demographic artist by trade, how hard is that? Boom. The hardest part was finding what we are gonna stick in the ground that’s affordable?”

So, if you find yourself taking a walk along South Phillips, you might come across these signs that are asking you to do a silly walk.

For those unfamiliar with the origins of this modern take,

“They have a little segment of silly walking, Ministry of Silly Walks.”

With the front of her signs stating, ‘commence silly walking immediately.’

Johnson said, “John Cleese would be dressed up in a suit and a hat and he’d be silly walking. It’s one of those skits that’s real famous in Monty Python.”

So far, she’s captured several silly struts.

“Mothers and daughters have done it, families have done it, we’ve seen some young people do it," added Johnson.

Jill has also seen some not-so-brave walkers.

“As adults we just don’t lighten up very much.”

She continued, “A lot of people will look at it and get embarrassed, but they think about it and they laugh, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be that you do it.”

As long as it making someone smile, that’s where Jill and her husband have found the joy in this.

“Even if it’s for 10 seconds walking from this sign to that sign, have some fun. We’re at a real tough time and moving your body like that is the quickest way to shift your energy,” said Johnson.

Jill is hoping more people will take part.

So, if you're on a walk near south Philips and 27th street and feel like you need to let loose you now know where to go.

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