Work on long-awaited I-90 interchange begins soon

Published: Dec. 12, 2017 at 5:33 PM CST
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Sioux Falls drivers, get ready. Work on the long-awaited connection between Interstate 90 and Highway 100, also known as Veterans Parkway is set to begin next year. The interchange is expected to drive development on the city's east side.

“We’ve actually been keeping our eye on this project for at least 10 years,” Lloyd companies Vice President of commercial real estate, Raquel Blount said.

“The planning for this project started back in the late 90s and it's been a vision for this connection to finally be made. I think it makes sense to obviously connect it to an interstate,” South Dakota DOT’s Sioux Falls engineer, Travis Dressen said.

Construction between I-90 and the intersection of Rice Street and Veterans Parkway is expected to take two and a half years.

“In 2018 the work from the interchange south, up to Rice Street, that's where work will be focused in 2018. Starting in 2019 it will begin at the interchange, reconstruct all of the interchange in 2019. Then 2020 was left in there to finish up the work still south of the interchange,” Dressen said.

The final bid for the project came in at $54,665,000 from Riley Brothers Construction out of Morris, Minnesota.

“This is the largest leading that we've had in our states history with the DOT. So we're excited about that. The project actually came in about seven tenths a percent under the engineer’s estimates. So we feel we got favorable bids on the project too,” Dressen said.

They aren’t the only ones excited about this project.

“It’s the biggest thing that’s happened to the east side development in 20 years. We’re hoping it increases the frequency of the shopping in the area and just makes it easier for shoppers to get there. I mean we think it’s a huge game changer for the growth and development of the Dawley Farm Village,” Blount said.

Officials said they hope to have the entire project complete by August 2020. They also add that 60th street north, Timberline Avenue, and Redwood Boulevard will be closed from 2018 to 2020. Once complete, the I-90 interchange will look very similar to the 10th street I-229 interchange.