Worthington family featured in award-winning documentary

Published: Oct. 16, 2019 at 12:01 PM CDT
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"The Ringmaster" is a documentary that highlights a Worthington, MN family. It has won awards at a couple of film festivals, including one in New York City.

It features Larry Lang, who grew up in the kitchen in Worthington, MN. He started in his dad's restaurant and eventually owned his own locations in Sioux Falls. He also worked at area restaurants as a chef.

He took a family recipe wherever he went.

"It was a family affair," Larry's sister, Linda, said.

She said her dad worked on a recipe for onion rings for a while. They were well-known because they were good but also because people received coupons in the mail for the fried food.

"When something is from your childhood, and it's gone, every once in a while, you'll crave that taste," she said.

That's what the producer of "The Ringmaster" remembers, the onion rings from Worthington, where he vacationed growing up. When Zachary Capp inherited some money, he wanted to fulfill his dream of becoming a filmmaker.

"He just said oh we want to come back. We want to come back. We want to come back, and so he ended up with over 300 hours worth of video in order to produce the final product, which is 'The Ringmaster,'" Linda said.

The Lang family thought it would be just one day of filming. It turned into three years. The story line evovled into watching Larry Lang adapt to the constant film crew and Zachary Capp's struggle to help the Lang family.

"I'm just, there are no words to express this feeling of awe at the fact that this even happened," Linda said.

But it's just payback of what the Lang family shared with the community for so many years.

"I have people coming up to me all the time and letters that my brother is now getting in the mail from folks, and they'll say Larry thank you for bringing us together," she said.

This is especially important now that these memories are fading for Larry as he battles Alzheimer's.

The documentary is being shown in Minneapolis at the Twin Cities Film Fest on Monday at 7:15 PM. Tickets are $13. You can view more information

. A few producers and the Lang family plan to be at the screening.