Yankton dealing with widespread flooding

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YANKTON, S.D. (KSFY) - Members of the Yankton community gathered together Tuesday to fill sandbags. Some residents were there to lend a helping hand, others to save what's left of their home.

"Once we pump the basement, we'd like to keep it out of the barrier that we put up," said Alisa Miller, Mark Winckler's daughter.

Late summer flooding has left Yankton homeowner Mark Winckler with a basement full of water.

"It started at about two feet then they went outside the house and it was surrounded by water anywhere, from six inches to three feet," Miller said.

Friends and family are helping out any way they can.

"It meant everything, it means everything," Winckler said. "Everyone coming out to help, I didn't know I had that many people around me."

Yankton County Emergency Management Director Paul Scherschligt says he's never seen a flooding season like this.

"It's just unbelievable," Scherschligt said. "But we're fortunate because we live in the state that we do cause everybody is helping everybody and otherwise it'd be tough, great people. Even neighboring states have reached out to see what they can do to help us."

For Danny Palmer, sandbags won't save some of his items lost to the floodwater.

"I've got four, five motorcycles underwater, they're all gone," Palmer said. "If I can rebuild them, I'll be lucky, that's not counting our three-wheeler and all the lawnmowers and all kinds of stuff."

Even though the water is receding, significant damage to his home remains.

"It took our floor out, I got to rip the whole floor out of the trailer, out of two of them just to repair them for us to live in," Palmer said.

But he is determined to not let mother nature dictate his attitude

"One step at a time, stay positive, that's all we can do," Palmer said. "I mean it's hard, trust me it's very hard. I'm ready to flip out but I'm keeping my composure and I'm going to do what I need to do to make it happen."

The mobile home court where Palmer lives wasn't the only home affected. Many of his neighbors are experiencing the same hardships.