de Blasio launches presidential campaign in Iowa

He formally entered the 2020 race for the White House just yesterday but already Democratic presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio is campaigning in Iowa.

de Blasio is currently the mayor of New York City. Tonight he met with potential supporters in Sioux City. We were there and were able to speak with him about the ongoing trade war with China and its affect on farmers.

After having spent a good portion of the day in central Iowa, 2020 presidential hopeful Bill de Blasio arrived in Sioux City a little after 6 o'clock tonight to meet with possible supporters there. de Blasio spoke with the crowd about several specific issues including a possible nationwide increase in the minimum wage… making sure all children have access to all day, every day Pre-k programs… and making sure that the economy works for every American. We had the chance to speak with de Blasio about the ongoing trade war between the United States and China. "I met with family farmers in Greene County earlier today here in Iowa and they are sacred to death that the China market will be lost particularly for Soybeans. And this trade war has to stop right away. It is counterproductive."

de Blasio tells me he shares the concern of some financial analyst that this trade war with China will do long-term damage to not only the American economy but family farmers as well. de Blasio tells me he believes the president has essentially "made up" American trade policy. "Donald Trump is leading us down a road to ruin right now. He doesn't have a strategy. We need a strategy to address China but not this willy-nilly approach to a trade war that's creating a whole lot of danger and it's going to hurt Iowa farmers, American farmers and it's going to hurt consumers."

Both Bill de Blasio and Donald Trump are from New York. de Blasio told the crowd on hand tonight that gives him an advantage against other Democratic presidential challengers. de Blasio says he knows how to deal with the president.

Bill de Blasio attended two separate events in Sioux City this evening. He says this is just the beginning of his plan to campaign in the state from now right through next February and the first in the nation Iowa Caucus.