Nonpartisan group begins statewide push for Amendment W

Published: Aug. 12, 2018 at 6:59 PM CDT
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South Dakota voters will cast their vote on the anti-corruption Constitutional Amendment W this November.

Volunteers with Represent South Dakota, a nonpartisan group focused on government accountability, collected more than 50 thousand signatures a month before the deadline to get the issue on the ballot.

This week, leaders with the organization are traveling all over the state to let people know what the amendment is all about.

"Push back on the influence lobbyists and special interest money has on state government, make it so that it really gives the voters a final say, addressing the lack of transparency and lack luster accountability laws that currently exist in South Dakota and putting in place some stronger laws that really put voters at the center of how government works," Represent South Dakota Field Director Doug Kronaizl said.

Kronaizl hosted an information meeting at the Downtown Library in Sioux Falls Sunday afternoon.

He say Amendment W helps bring back some key points of the voter approved Initiated Measure 22 that state lawmakers repealed during the 2017 legislative session.