Adams missing baseball but enjoying time at home

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SIOUX FALLS, SD It's been a while since Jacob Adams hasn't been playing baseball in the summer.

"The last time I think I've had a summer that was free was probably about six years ago." Adams says.

Or had his high school sweetheart Lexi to cheer him on.

"I was traveling a bunch with them too so I got to watch every game our senior year!" Lexi says.

After Jacob starred at Iowa and was later drafted by the Houston Astros organization, this baseball couple had been used to being at a distance over his first three professional seasons, and were ready for it when they got married last November.

"We did a honeymoon slash going away vacation so we actually went to Hawaii a couple weeks before he left and that was a really good sendoff." Lexi Adams says.

For the first time Jake spent time in the Astros major league camp, playing in several spring games before reporting to minor league camp in mid-March.

"Got back in the clubhouse and, the next thing we know, they say pack up our bags, you guys are going back to your offseason homes." Jake says.

"It was pretty scary when he got sent home just not knowing if he had a job, if they were going to continue to pay them." Lexi says.

"The amount of people getting released from each team has been pretty scary. I really didn't try to think too much about it because, I mean, if they're going to cut me it's out of my control." Jake says.

Fortunately Adams is not among those released and is still getting paid by the Astros through August 31st.

"Getting a little bit of money once a week is very helpful because we still potentially could play so we can't go out and find jobs right now and what not. So we're still going through what we're doing in a normal season, I'm still working out four times a week. It sounds like, if the Major Leagues do play, all 40-man guys will be dressing for the Major Leagues and then they're going to bring on ten additional minor league guys. So hopefully I'm one of those ten." Adams says.

Until then he's enjoying the chance to spend more time with his wife since they'd usually be living apart.

"Getting to spend that first kind of year together and not spending it away from each other is kind of nice!" Jake says.

Though both are certainly ready for him to play ball!

"Yeah it's funny, we never thought we'd say we miss baseball since he does it for eight months of the year. But we both agreed we're really ready for baseball to start back up and for you to get back out there and chase your dream." Lexi says.