Brandon Native Adams Drafted by the Astros

Published: Jun. 13, 2017 at 11:04 PM CDT
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Sitting at home in Brandon, power-hitting first baseman Jake Adams got the call he has always dreamed of. The Houston Astros had selected him in the 6th round of MLB Draft.

"Finally we got a call from the Astros about two minutes before they drafted me, and I, all my hard work that has paid off for me, it's just kind of a unreal moment for me, so I haven't really - it hasn't sunk it yet, so I mean later tonight when everything settles down and we go out from supper, I think it's going to hit me that my dream has come true," Astros Draft pick and Brandon native Jake Adams said.

"To get to this point - it's emotional now even. You know, it hasn't really set in for us as parents either, and to be able to follow a sport, or a job or a sport that he has loved his whole life is incredible," Jake's father Bob Adams said.

After graduating from Brandon Valley High School in 2014, Jake played two years at Des Monies Community College, and was a first team All-American. That got the attention of the University of Iowa, where Adams continued to rake, breaking the Hawkeye school record and leading the nation with 29 home runs.

"Going in there and staying focused like I said and shorting up my swing really helped me out. I didn't think I was going to hit 29 home runs in the Big-10 obviously, but going in there and sticking with my same approach and after I started making some noise I knew I was going to have a good shot at breaking the Iowa record," Adams said.

Although Jake and his family discussed returning to Iowa City, the opportunity to play pro-ball was ultimately too good. Adams will forgo his final season as a Hawkeye, and move one step closer to the big leagues.

"You know this is probably the best case scenario - you got to take, take the leap of faith and go," Bob said.

"That was going to be the best situation and scenario for me this year, and um, we were like okay, this is where want to go and said, yeah ok, we will take it!" Adams said.

For Adams, it's been a long journey just to make it to this point, but he knows this only the beginning and the next chapter in his career.

"My life my change after this - after today - and I know what kind of grind it's going to be, so I just need to stay focused, keep your body healthy, and that's the key to baseball," Adams said