Broughton leads Corsica Stickney girls to perfect record

Published: Mar. 16, 2020 at 11:10 PM CDT
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Many teenagers play sports, in part, to get away from their parents.

Corsica-Stickney's Avery Broughton doesn't know what that's like since her mom Lorisa is the Jaguars coach.

"Oh it's okay! It's all love!" Avery says.

"There's some times we have words back and forth, but for the most part she handles it really well. We try not to talk about it at home just to balance it out a little bit." Lorisa says.

And if Avery has a dispute with the head coach, she'll have to take it up with the assistant, her dad Jason.

"I'm just there to keep the peace! When it get bads between her and her brother, or her and her mom, I'm the one that steps in and calms everybody down! So it's a lot of fun, they're enjoying it, I'm enjoying it, it's just a blast right now." Jason says.

"She's never been able to come home and blame anything on the coach becuase we know different! It's like no, we know what you got to do, so that's a big part of it." Lorisa says.

Having a pair of coaches, as well as siblings, that were all about basketball had a fringe benefit-Broughton practically grew up in the gym.

"Every single day since she was about three years old. The biggest transformation that she's made is she's really hit the weights finally in the last year here. Really grown up, got a lot more strength, and she can finish around the basket a lot better. Just handle herself a lot better." Jason says.

And it's shown the court where Avery has already surpassed 1,000 career points and is averaging nearly 20 points and ten rebound per game in this, her FRESHMAN season of high school basketball.

"My teammates were so supportive of me and they just helped me and walked me through some stuff and helped me get used to it (varsity basketball). It's really great (reach 1,000 points). It's a huge accomplishment for myself and it's really good." Avery says.

With those kind of numbers it's no shock that Avery is already a rising star on college recruiting radars.

"It'll be fun to see where it materializes. I know she has a lot of things in front of her and a lot of team goals in front of her. In high school yet that's just too far down the road to even talk about much right now. I just hope she's enjoying it and having fun, as much fun as we are, because that's what's important." Jason says.

Fortunately with her coaches by her side.....

"Oh it's good and bad at both times! They always tell me what I got to improve on and what I'm doing good. It's a blessing!" Avery says.

....she'll know how to stay grounded.

Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.