Challenging times for SDSU A.D.

Published: May. 6, 2020 at 11:11 PM CDT
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The Corona Virus Pandemic has been stressful for everyone world-wide. And in athletics, no-ones job has become more difficult that that of a college Athletic Director. With so much uncertainty ahead it's tough to even make solid plans. And helping athletes, especially those in spring sports who now have the option of an extra year just adds to the stress level for Justin Sell of SDSU and others in the same situation.

"It's been the most challenging period of my career for sure. We've got national level issues at the NCAA that we're trying to fit in within our institution and then we've got our student athletes spread all over trying to finish up their semester. They have finals this week and we want to make sure they have success. And then to help our seniors to recognize them and help them graduate here on Saturday..." says Sell.

Sell hopes the fall sports can start on time. But right now it's simply a guessing game as to when this country will be ready for live sporting events.

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