Douple says Summit won't cut tournaments

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SIOUX FALLS, SD As college sports start planning their return from the COVID-19 Pandemic...some conferences are looking at ways to save money... Like the Mid-American Conference, who cut their postseason tournaments altogether last week.

That would be horrible news for the University of South Dakota. The Coyotes are scheduled to host the Summit League Volleyball Tournament next year.

Fortunately, after a meeting of the Summit League's Joint Council of athletic directors and and senior administrators....

....commissioner Tom Douple said the league will look to other methods of cost cutting rather than eliminating any postseason events. Those include eliminating pre-tournament banquets and freezing salaries.

The league may also try to disperse more funds from the men's and women's basketball tournaments.

Either way, Douple says cutting events was the last thing they wanted to do. "Well I think we wanted to preserve the student athlete experience, that was our foremost concern. And what could we do to cut other areas to make that work. So we already have our contingency plans in place. Knock on wood, we hope we don't have to use them, but we're prepared for sure."

Douple says the league is leaving decisions on when to have student-athletes back on campus up to each school and their state. The NCAA Division 1 Council today approved allowing schools to begin voluntary activities for basketball and football from June 1st through the 30th.