Evan Falconer reflects on his miracle shot at Mitchell

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WATERTOWN, SD Like most anyone that's ever played basketball, Evan Falconer dreams of, and tries to practice, making a game winning buzzer beater.

"Honestly quite a bit. Off and one whenever I see one I always think wow, that'd be cool to really experience that for myself and for my team." Watertown Senior Evan Falconer says.

Unfortunately for he and his Watertown teammates, those dreams turned to nightmares last year.

"We lost to Huron on a buzzer beater to go to the State Tournament. So you get to be on both sides." Watertown Head Coach Zach Wevik Says.

And up two last Friday in Mitchell, the Arrows were on the wrong side again.

"I was just worried that we might have fouled so I was happy that it was going to overtime." Evan says.

In the extra session, Mitchell took a one point lead on a pair of free throws with two seconds left.

The Arrows had no timeouts, and had to go the length of the floor.

"If there's time on that clock, we can still win that game. I'm honestly thinking I got to get as much momentum going to the basket as I can. Dribble or two and I just got to hope for the best." Falconer says.

"I remember thinking hey, man that's actually going to get there, we might have a chance for this." Wevik says.

"I thought it was pretty long, I didn't know if it was going to hit the rim. It was awesome! Being there with my team and coaches, all the fans celebrating, it was an unbelievable feeling." Falconer says.

It's a shot that the odds are against and one he couldn't make again days later in practice. Yet no miss or moment made Evan's belief waver.

"If you watch Evan in the replay he steps to the basketball with a purpose, he catches the basketball with a purpose, and he takes those dribbles with a purpose. I think he had either confidence in himself or just confidence that it's not over till that final buzzer goes off." Wevik says.

And maybe that's how you make a dream come true.

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