Feldkamp brings electricity to gridiron and basketball court

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 11:19 PM CDT
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There's one word that always comes up when talking about Tyler Feldkamp.

"It's not fun if nobody is, you know, talking a little bit or showboating a little bit or having fun. If everybody's just quiet it's just a dead atmosphere. I try to really bring the energy everywhere I go. The guy who lights up the room and makes everybody laugh and I take that to heart because you got to put light in the world." Feldkamp says.

And it's something he earns on whatever field he plays.

"The kid likes to have fun but he's also a kid that likes to work hard and knows that, when the lights turn on, he's got to be ready to go." Roosevelt Basketball Coach Mitch Begeman says.

It wasn't always as fun growing up with several older brothers in Sibley, Iowa.

"They always gave me a hard time and, you know, all the little brothers get picked on! That's where I really built my competitiveness." Tyler says.

Which is also where Tyler's unique speed and quickness developed as his family moved to Sioux Falls during elementary school..

"We always saw who was the fastest and I ended up being the fastest in the family in fourth grade!" Feldkamp says.

Which made him a three sport standout at Roosevelt.

"I think what kind of separates himself from the rest is he's just so shifty. He's hard to kind of stay in front of. On the football field, when he makes that one step move, he's very very quick and very very explosive." Begeman says.

"I've seen a lot of people who get God's gift and they kind of throw it away a little bit. And so I've always put that pressure on myself to always earn it." Tyler says.

With several college football offers coming in, and the possibility of basketball as well, Feldkamp is eager to put on a show on a bigger stage.

"I've been training with some college guys and, the atmosphere and the vibe they have, it's electric!" Feldkamp says.

Just not before having some more fun with the Riders.

Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.