Games Go On For Washington Basketball Coach Jamie Parish

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HARRISBURG, S.D. -- Like most coaches, Washington's Jamie Parish is a stickler for routine and every year, right on time, he and his Warrior girls basketball players begin to feel the adrenaline of the postseason.

"Your season you've got ups and downs, you're tired, but what really happens that last week of February is everybody gets a boost of energy." Parish says.

Which has made it difficult to process the sudden halt caused by the Coronavirus.

"The impression that I get just from casual conversations with our coaches and some of our athletes is that they're kind of waiting this thing out at home. And they're going a little stir crazy because teenagers are social." Parish says.

Teenagers aren't the only ones with cabin fever, and thanks to their kids Eli and Cora, the games go on for Jamie and his wife Laura.

They just look a bit different.

"Nintendo WII is making a big comeback but you've got to strap those paddles on or we'll send one through the TV because they get aggressive!" Jamie says.

And Parish hopes his players are leaning on their loved ones in this time of isolation.

"What we've told our kids and their families is you know what? This is family time. This is a time for you to take care of stuff." Parish says.

So long as it probably not involve redecorating.

"We threw the football upstairs and then we knocked some things down so mom put the axe on that!" Jamie says.