Hagedorn ends USD career as Division One's best 3-point shooter

Published: Mar. 30, 2020 at 11:03 PM CDT
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Tyler Hagedorn can do just about anything on the basketball court.

"I score in a lot of different ways because of my size. I'm able to take bigger guys off the bounce and drive by them and I'm able to score on smaller guys in the post." Hagedorn says.

"Yeah I've never really played with someone like Hagedorn. You've got a 6'10'' guy who's one of the best three point shooters in the nation." USD Senior Guard Tyler Peterson says.

And the Norfolk Nebraska native would have to be just as versatile off it during his career at South Dakota.

After a breakout junior season in 2018 in which he was Coyotes second leading scorer at 13 points a game, Tyler decided to stay in Vermillion when the coach that recruited him, Craig Smith, left and was replaced by Todd Lee.

"The reason why he stayed is he loves the University of South Dakota. His parents are from Norfolk, Nebraska. It's right down the road, they get to see every one of his games." Lee says.

"I know, for me, that I still wanted to be a part of the process of building this program to a higher standard." Hagedorn says.

Then came a high grade medial planter fascia tear early in his senior year that ultimately forced Hagedorn to sit out.

"That was a super tough decision for him kind of feeling like he left our team or let us down. But, you know, we let him know that this is a personal decision for you if you want to take this year off and come back next year, that's totally fine. You never want to miss part of your senior season. So I think from that point on he really dedicated himself to getting better every day." Peterson says.

And Tyler came back stronger than ever, averaging 18 points and seven rebounds per game to help lead the Coyotes to a 20 win season.

"He worked on his body and changed his body a little bit. He got a little leaner, he got stronger. I think the redshirt year was good for him personally." Lee says.

For a guy who can do so many different things, it was one thing.....

"I just really wanted to be a part of the building process (with USD in Division One) and I think, in these past four or five years, all the athletic programs have really taken off." Tyler says.

....that defined his time in red.

Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.