Jack is back for another shot with the Skyforce

In what many would call his last shot, point guard Jarrett Jack says this is just his next chapter in his illustrious career on the court.

“I try to simply things and do the cliche thing and talk about it one day at a time. But I see that I still have a lot left in the tank,” said Jack.

Thirty-six years and nine NBA teams later, the former first round NBA draft pick is back this year on the Skyforce roster. He re-joined the team in November after starting his career last March in Sioux Falls.

“It feels great to have some longevity in something that you have a passion for. For me, my love for it has never left,” said Jack.

“I think Jarrett has a lot of basketball left in him. And talking to him, he wanted to end on his terms. So I think he would love to get a chance to get back to the NBA, but he isn’t using this as a stepping stone either. He’s completely invested in this team,and in this organization,” said Skyforce Head Coach Eric Glass.

Jack’s journey through the league hasn’t been the easiest. Last season in his first G League appearance for the Skyforce, he suffered a season ending knee injury, leaving his future with the game in jeopardy.

“It was a rough time, it was like a dark moment for me. Because I had torn my right ACL, and then in my first game back I tear my left. It’s like man, you’re like why me? And you can start to question things and for whatever reason I stayed positive in the midst of all of it,” said Jack.

That positivity brought Jack back.

“Right after I had surgery, I was like, man I’m going to give this another shot, I’m going to give this another run. I’m not going to let this rehab deter me from my plan or what I believe the last chapter of my career should be,” said Jack.

Jack has paved the way to be a natural leader for the Skyforce’s younger roster this season… while still making an impact with each step he takes on the court.

“He’s completely changed our locker room with his professionalism, with his voice, with his experience. Jack knows who he is as a player and he knows how to help other players. So he’s like four levels ahead of everybody. He gives us an amazing calming presence on the court. His basketball IQ is off the charts, I love having him on our team, he’s been great,” said Jack.

Wherever the next step in Jarret Jack’s basketball career, he says he’s thankful to be given at least one more shot.

“A lot of people don't get that opportunity, like the dream you had when you’re three, four, five, six-years old, I actually got to do it and do it for a very long time and at a pretty good level. Man, it’s kind of crazy, but it never gets old to me,” said Jack.

Jack is averaging 15 points and four assists through his first seven games played this season. The Sioux Falls Skyforce return home on Tuesday to face the Texas Legends.