Mark Greeno talks about his dad

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SIOUX FALLS, SD It was a great turnout of people Wednesday night who actually came back from all over the country to honor their former coach Rich Greeno along with friends and family.

Last night we touched on his legacy. How kind, caring and encouraging Coach was. Tonight, we hear from his son Mark, who took over the program at Lincoln on just how proud he was of all the incredible accomplishments, while building a dynasty with the Patriots in Cross Country and Track and Field.

"It's a wonderful honor and I think it's something that's going to be greatly appreciated by all of the family members of the Greenos and our family and as I said earlier, if my mother was around she'd be beaming from ear to ear with a big smile because she'd just be so proud of dad," says Mark Greeno.

Everyone was smiling from ear to ear Wednesday at the great work of sculptor Darwin Wolf. He did a terrific job on the statue, especially capturing that smile.