Miller talk about brand of basketball in Spain

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MITCHELL, SD Macy Miller's new team in Spain had it's season suspended because of the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately she and her other American teammate decided to head home with the growing travel restrictions last week.

The Mitchell Kernel was on Calling All Sports after arriving home safely and talked about the style of ball and the challenge of blending people from all over the world together as a team.

:"You know the level of play is really good. Before hand I heard really good things about Spain and their basketball leagues. But when I got there you have all these different people coming from different countries and different teams, trying to put their strengths together and play as a team. I think that's what really took us a while to play well. And also the physicality is crazy there. You're used to college basketball where you kind of have those ticky tack fouls. You can't let people shove you off their line. But in Spain I played the point guard and they're guarding you all 90 feet. The whole court! And they're hanging on you. So I think that's what took a long time to adjust to is just the physicality. And then the team aspect, trying to pull everything together..."

Macy is glad to be back in Mitchell... She was the point guard on her team... And it sounded like communication was the biggest challenge she faced... Her coach didn't speak English and his Spanish was in warp speed... From Mitchell, to SDSU, to the Seattle Storm and now Spain... and back home in Mitchell.