More changes concerning Legion Baseball

Published: May. 14, 2020 at 11:23 PM CDT
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Change is something we've all had to get used to in the last 2 months... And the legion baseball story wrote itself another new chapter Wednesday night...

Sunday, National Headquarters shut down all national sponsorship for legion baseball... Local teams were looking for an alternative...

And in a turn of events 3 nights later, the South Dakota Executive Committee met and determined that they can still play as Legion Baseball locally even though it's not supported by National... And no administrative duties will be provided by the American Legion of South Dakota... The players can even wear the legion uniforms. But the teams must obtain their own insurance and develop a set of rules for play that will keep the game safe for all involved... And they must get permission from each cities facilities... It's been quite a ride the last few days....

"Yeah it's been up and down. I've had probably 37 Zoom meetings it seems like. We just keep discussing new things and something changes. I was talking so someone earlier today and it felt like we were just trying to keep our head above the water and hopefully stay afloat. It looks like we might be getting a little closer to that..." says Jeremy VanHeel, Brandon Valley Legion Coach.

The season will get underway in early June in cities where teams have clearance to use facilities. It will conclude with 4 teams at the state tournament to be held at the highest seed. The season ends with a state champion. Regionals and the national tournament are canceled.

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