NCAA outlines plans for preseason Division One football and basketball activities

Published: Jun. 18, 2020 at 10:59 PM CDT
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Though it will rely on state and local health policies, the NCAA has set it's most definitive path yet toward college football and basketball seasons.

The NCAA Division One Football Oversight Committee has finalized a plan for summer activities and preseason practices with action to formalize it expected from the Division One council on Wednesday.

Under it teams can begin film session reviews and required strength and conditioning July 13-23.

From July 24-August 6 they would be allowed up to eight hours per week of strength and conditioning, six hours per week for walk-throughs and six more hours per week for film review and team and individual meetings.

Finally, preseason practice would begin on August 7th leading into September 5th opening games. South Dakota State is set to host Butler that day while South Dakota heads to Iowa State, and Coyote coach Bob Nielson is happy to have path forward.

"I think this provides us an opportunity to ensure that our student athletes are going to be in the kind of physical condition that they need to be to start what are the rigors of fall camp in preparation for the season." Nielson says.

Of course all of these plans are written in pencil to the extent that the COVID-19 pandemic could completely erase them if it takes a turn for the worse.

Either way Nielson knows the virus isn't going anywhere when players do return. That was further enforced by a report today that 13 football players from the University of Texas tested positive for the virus, and there's plenty of work to do over the next month to be ready to safely welcome athletes back.

"You're going to see more small group practicing, how we break down meetings, those kind of things. There's some new equipment that's even being prototyped that I think school's will probably look at that's designed to maybe help reduce exposure." Nielson says.

The NCAA Division One Council did approve plans for men's and women's basketball summer activities.

Along with voluntary non-physical activities that are permitted now, team and individual meetings and film sessions can be held July 1-19.

Beginning July 20th and running up until classes begin, programs can hold required summer activities such as skill training and strength and conditioning. Out-of-season workouts can begin on the first day of classes and preseason practices can begin 42 days ahead of the first scheduled games.

The NCAA also announced that it will wait to vote on a legalizing a path for Division Three schools to move directly to Division One until April of 2021. Despite this it has opened the door for St. Thomas to begin it's transition and entrance into the Summit League early if they pursue a waiver that can be acted on before then. Under current rules a Division Three school would have to go to Division Two first and wait a minimum of twelve years before going to Division One.

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