Nebraska legend Osborne talks Huskers football

Chamberlain's Nash Hutmacher recently became South Dakota's latest blue chip recruit to sign with the Huskers Washington High School junior Randolph Kpai verbally committed to Nebraska shortly after, following a long line of South Dakotans playing for the Big Red.

"Fortunately we've had some good Sioux Falls players, Nate Gerry and the Farniok kids are good players and we'll probably have another commitment from here. South Dakota has been pretty good to Nebraska," said Osborne.

Osborne believes his former player, current Huskers head coach Scott Frost will turn the program around, even though Frost has had losing seasons in each of his first two in charge.

"Well things had slipped pretty badly, and so he's rebuilding. But he'll have them back on track. That's probably a year or two away, but they've had a good recruiting class so far this year, and they'll have another good one. He needs about three good recruiting classes to get things back on track," Osborne said.

The Huskers program has never matched the level of success it had since Osborne retired after 25-years on the sidelines in 1997. Nebraska had just won the programs third national title in four years.

"It's been tough to go through the last two or three years particularly because for the last 42 years we had the best winning percentage of any major college football team and it's been a little tougher here recently," said Osborne.

Osborne still keeps up on college football. And he's looking forward to this year's national title game between LSU and Clemson.

"Well obviously most people are thinking LSU. LSU is a very complete football team. Great quarterback, great receivers, great offensive line and they're defense is good, so they're a very complete team. But the one thing about Clemson is they have experience in the national championship game and they've got a lot of good players and that quarterback is a great player too," said Osborne.