New changes won't benefit Northern basketball attendance

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Some athletes playing college sports this coming year will have a few less games to compete in.

The NCAA Division Two President's Council approved changes to the minimum and maximum number of competitions teams can have this coming year.

Football can have a minimum of seven games and no more than ten games. Basketball teams can play no more than 22 games, down from the previous mark of 26. The numbers vary in other sports.

This will force the NSIC to reconfigure schedules that had already been set since, for example, the NSIC had an 11 game football season.

Though the move is seen as a way to help budgets across Division Two, Northern State and Josh Moon voted against it in part because they could stand to lose money if their Division Two attendance leading basketball program loses games.

Josh Moon, Northern Athletic Director says: "It's really hard to put everybody in the same box. And not that this proposal does that but it does in some way because it takes the discretion of each institution. So will it help with budgets? Yes, for most sports it will, so that is a good thing. But also there is a flip side."

Here is the link for the press release from the NCAA