Racers glad to be back on track

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HARTFORD, SD It was a busy night last Saturday at I-90 Speedway. They had a perfect night for the opener in Hartford... And the turnout for drivers was really good---over 90 drivers were there in the various categories... These guys couldn't wait to get back on the track after a couple of months of uncertainty...

Just ask Nick Barger of Madison... Nick did it feel good to be back behind the wheel again?

"Honestly it feels pretty good after the last couple of months we've been under the understanding that we don't know if we should finish up our stuff because we all like to procrastinate so we were just waiting around and waiting around. Should we go on? Should we not go on and then something came about so we had to hit it hard and get it done. So it feels really good to be back doing something we all love and not just sitting around watching TV..." says Barger.