Reiman headed to Big Ten

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SIOUX FALLS, SD O'Gorman's Tip Reiman opened the eyes of Big Ten coaches his senior season and as a result he will be playing his college football in the Big Ten at Illinois. He wasn't sure Lovie Smith and his coaching staff were serious about a kid from South Dakota. But he found out they were quite aggressive in their approach to recruiting him.

:"Actually a lot more aggressive than I would have expected, they're a big school. And I thought they might not be so aggressive towards me but they were really aggressive in recruiting me and trying to convince me of how they'd use me in their program and how they'd incorporate me as a versatile weapon. So I was really impressed with that and thankful for it..."

The Fighting Illini will use Tip as a combination Tight End and H-Back, much like he did at OG for Jayson Poppinga.