Schetnan to play 2 sports at Louisville

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 11:02 PM CDT
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In middle school, Sydni Schetnan didn't see herself playing two sports.

"After seventh grade I was really, really, really into volleyball. I didn't want to think about basketball." Schetnan says.

In an era when specializing on one sport has become more common, her family and coaches encouraged her not to.

"My aunt played basketball at SDSU. My cousins played basketball at Washington. So we are a pretty big basketball, football and volleyball family. So we were very into you need to play two sports." Schetnan says.

And Sydni began to grow both literally to 6'5'', and on two playing in both.

"Volleyball will help me with the agility and being able to cut, that's what you're doing the entire time. And then basketball helps me with my cardio and then all of my coordination." Sydni says.

"6'5'' with good hands and being able to mover yourself laterally is really unique. And I keep hearing that from the college coaches and I know that from my own experience. Having a kid with size that can move and rebound out of their area is a really unique combination of athleticism.": Washington Girls' Basketball Head Coach Jamie Parish says.

Which ended opening an unlikely door last summer when Schetnan, who seldom played in AAU events, attended a tournament.

""Before she got in the car to come home she had two offers from major Division One. I think a light bulb went off for her. Before that she was like 'I'm okay at basketball but I'm really good at volleyball'. And playing at a major event, getting contacted by these Division One schools really tuned her into the fact that this is a possibility." Parish says.

After a junior season which proved her to be skilled at blocking of both kinds, along with averaging 13 points on the hardwood and surpassing 400 career volleyball kills, Sydni committed to play for ACC power Louisville. She'll eventually sign a basketball scholarship and be allowed to play volleyball.

"Not very many people do this anymore. I think this is going to be fun to be able to play year round. If you ask me in a year I'm not sure I'm going to be able to choose between (which is my favorite) volleyball or basketball." Sydni says.

Until then Sydni has double vision....

"No one remembers you unless you win a State Championship is what I've learned so, I mean, I want my team to be remembered." Schetnan says.

...on her senior season.

Zach Borg, Dakota News Now Sports.