Stauber leading the Stampede

Jaxson Stauber was born to be a goalie. A Minnesota native, whose dad was an NHL goaltender, Jaxson started playing the position at age 10.

"The organization that I grew up playing back home actually had a shortage of goalies, and my dad was goalie so they called him. So I kind of split time,half out on the ice,half at goalie. And after I was like, I'll be a goalie. I know my mom really didn't want me to be a goalie because she had already been through it so," says Stauber.

Stauber is in his second season on the Stampede. After being the back up his first year, Stauber started this season as the Stampede's number one goaltender, a position he lost to Alec Calvaruso. Due to an injury to Calvaruso late in the season, Stauber moved back to number one and he's been making big saves ever since.

"It's been impressive in a sense because he's our guy he has to play. He's stepped up you know he's played a lot of minutes these early rounds with Sioux City and Waterloo and the overtimes. And so it's been very impressive, he's been able to maintain a level of consistency," says head coach Scott Owens.

"I just kind of had to stick with it keep working hard in practice find ways to get better. Then i got an opportunity..and kind of took it and ran," says Stauber.

With Stauber in net the Stampede are 8-1 in the post-season, which include three overtime wins and one shutout.

"This is the way I know I can play, so it's nice to put a good stretch of games together," says Stauber.

And the Minnesota State-Mankato recruit still gets some advice from his dad Robb, who also coached the USA women to an Olympic gold medal last year.

"He's been a great teacher and he's given me a good advice from things he's experienced, so that's helpful. But he's kind of kept his distance sometimes after games. He won't even come and say hi to me after games if we have a game the next night. He'll just kind of leave me be because he knows I gotta be prepared for the next one," says Stauber.